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Are you considering owning farmland near Bangalore or Hosur? Blooms Eco Farm provides well-maintained farmland in peaceful surroundings near Bangalore. Just a short distance from Hosur and conveniently close to Bangalore, our project embodies the essence of countryside living.

5 Kms off Berigai Krishnagiri state highway, 47 KMs from Sarjapura

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*Tar road till the farm entrance
*Total Project Area
*Phase I: 19 Acres
*Phase II: 11 Acres ( Acquisition in progress)

Nestled on 30 acres of picturesque land, Blooms Eco Farm is the ultimate destination to find agricultural land for sale in Bangalore. With easy access from the main road, reaching your farmland is effortless. Whether you dream of growing crops or simply enjoying the tranquility of the countryside, our farmland near Bangalore provides the perfect sanctuary.

Finding managed farmland in Bangalore can be daunting, but at Blooms Eco Farm, we prioritize practicality and sustainability. Our project features tar roads leading directly to the farm entrance for easy access. Plus, each plot comes with underground water pipes, ensuring hassle-free irrigation for your crops.

Moreover, Blooms Eco Farm offers additional benefits to its buyers. Each half-acre plot includes a plantation of 120 trees of your choice and maintenance for 2 years. Additionally, there is peripheral fencing for security, water connection for individual plots, and end-to-end solutions for farmhouse construction. For those interested, electric connection can also be facilitated for farmhouse construction, with farm stay options available on a chargeable basis.

Whether you’re an experienced farmer or new to agriculture, Blooms Eco Farm has options for everyone. From small quarter-acre plots to larger areas, there’s something to suit all those seeking agricultural land in Bangalore or farmland.

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