The Looming Threat: Will Water Scarcity Squeeze Bangalore’s Farming Community?

Bangalore, once known as the “Garden City,” is grappling with a severe water crisis. Daily life for residents has been significantly impacted, with water rationing and tanker deliveries becoming a regular occurrence. But beyond the immediate challenges faced by households, a hidden community is also feeling the squeeze – Bangalore’s farmers. The Shrinking Oasis: Challenges […]

Water Woes in Agriculture: Exploring Sustainable Solutions for India’s Organic Farms

Water Scarcity Threatens India’s Agricultural Future India, a nation deeply rooted in agriculture, faces a formidable challenge – water scarcity. A staggering 85% of India’s water resources are consumed by agriculture, often through flood irrigation methods known for their inefficiency. This, coupled with erratic monsoons and overexploitation of groundwater, paints a grim picture for the […]

Mastering Farm Management: 10 Essential Tips for Sustainable Farming Success

Running a farm is rewarding and demanding, requiring dedication, knowledge and strategic planning. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner, effective farm management is the key to success. In this guide, we’ll explore ten practical tips to help you build a thriving and profitable farming enterprise with a focus on sustainable practices. Your […]